Subject: Adult Self Improvement

Course: Calm, Cool, Collected, Respected: Controlling Anger

Lead InstructorsKim LashDanny Thomas
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active    
Straight from the streets, homes, classrooms, and workplaces of Ohio, this course is presented by experts Kim Lash, LSW who has over 20 years of practical experience dealing with anger and emotional problems in Ohio schools, and Danny Thomas, former professional football player with decades of experience in handling anger. AOLC#101

Course: More Than Thou Shall Not: Changing Your Life to Stop Theft and Shoplifting

Lead InstructorsBob ReidBuddy GrafJeff HastingsMelinda Moore
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active    
Comprehensive and life changing best describe this thorough program that guides the user to understand the consequences of theft, the high cost to them and to society of shoplifting and theft, and makes the user examine the root causes of their behavior and provides critical life changing tools to make changes in their lives so as to not to repeat the behavior. AOLC#104

Course: Understanding Substance Abuse and Addiction

 Access:  Public   Status:  Active    
This comprehensive program is presented by two of America’s most experienced and renowned experts in Addiction. For more than 20 years, Drs. Ted Parran and Chris L. Adelman have been at the leading edge nationally in the practice of addiction medicine and recovery as well a major resource for training and educational materials for physicians and other behavioral care professionals. These professionals see patients daily at Ohio treatment facilities, including St.Vincent Charity Hospital, Windsor Laurelwood Hospital, Huron Hospital, Cleveland Treatment Center (methadone maintenance), Glenbeigh Hospital and others. In 1990, the pair also started an addiction medicine fellowship for physicians, which has trained dozens of doctors. AOLC#102

Course: The Empowered Family: Addiction Programming for Parents, Family, Friends, and Community

 Access:  Public   Status:  Active    
The addicted person is not alone. Parents, family, and community can be saviors, ignore the behavior, or enablers. This dynamic and honest program presented by Doctors Parran and Adelman based on their decades of treatment will open the eyes of others around the person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and allow them to truly help the person. This is a powerful presentation that even those who do not have addiction problems should see. AOLC#103

Course: Financial Literacy: Money Matters

Lead InstructorsBill PappasHon. James Peter Trakas
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active    
This Course provides you with proven financial approaches that will help you, regardless of your situation, learn more about finances and overcome financial difficulties.  With this Course you will achieve financial literacy and be able to put your fiscal house in order.

Course: Gun Safety

Lead InstructorAlon Stivi
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active    
Instructor Alon Stivi brings you decades of practical firearms experience in this comprehensive Gun Safety course. It includes a total of three lessons, covering: Rights and Responsibilities, Handling and Safety, and Storage and Transportation.