Calm, Cool, Collected, Respected: Controlling Anger

Providing four separate and distinct ways to control anger and angry situations, this course can help teenagers and senior citizens alike with critical practical lessons. AOLC#101

More Than Thou Shall Not: Changing Your Life to Stop Theft and Shoplifting

This program guides the user to understand the consequences of theft, the high cost to them and to society, and makes the user examine the root causes of their behavior and provides critical life changing tools to make changes in their lives so as to not to repeat the behavior. AOLC#104

Understanding Substance Abuse and Addiction

This introduction to addiction is a foundation as a first program that provides lifesaving opportunities, and is the keystone to learning the important first step to admit addiction, understand addiction before a user can deal with it appropriately. AOLC#102

The Empowered Family: Addiction Programming for Parents, Family, Friends, and Community

This dynamic and honest program presented by Doctors Parran and Adelman based on their decades of treatment will open the eyes of others around the person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and allow them to truly help the person. AOLC#103

Respect Yourself! Alcohol, Drugs, and Smart Choices

In this course for juveniles we will be discussing how to make smart, healthy choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Both legal and illegal drugs can be deadly when abused, and underage drinking can have devastating effects.

Financial Literacy: Money Matters

This Course provides you with proven financial approaches that will help you, regardless of your situation, learn more about finances and overcome financial difficulties.  With this Course you will achieve financial literacy and be able to put your fiscal house in order.

Gun Safety

Instructor Alon Stivi brings you decades of practical firearms experience in this comprehensive Gun Safety course. It includes a total of three lessons, covering: Rights and Responsibilities, Handling and Safety, and Storage and Transportation.

Healthy Relationships: Self-Esteem, Bullying, and Safe Online Citizenship

In this course for juveniles we will be discussing how to defend yourself from peer pressure. We will also be covering how to make smart, healthy choices when it comes to media and online behavior.