About Testing

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Testing and Certification is an important part of the American OLC process. After you complete the viewing of the lessons within your course, the associated test becomes available. For the test to be available you need to view each of the required lesson videos from beginning to end without skipping forward. The system will record that you fully viewed the course and are now ready to take the test.

Follow the instructions that the Court provided to you as to how to satisfy the terms and conditions of your community control, diversion, or probation. Once you have completed entirely every module of the course(s) that you have been assigned, and successfully completed the related test(s), you will be prompted to print off a Certificate that certifies to you and the Court that you have successfully passed the assigned course(s). If so ordered, return the certificate to the Court in a prompt manner so that it satisfies the conditions of your community control. Should you not have access to a printer, you may ask that a certification confirmation be emailed to you. Please know that this company works closely with Courts, and they will know if you did indeed take the course, what dates you logged into your courses, etc.

You can access your available tests in the Testing & Certification Center: