Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here let us know.
Choose a lesson that is of interest to you and if the lesson is free it will be directly added to your personal library. If it is a fee-based lesson you will be taken to a shopping cart where you can purchase the lesson. Once purchased, the lesson will be added to your library. From there you can watch it as many times as you like.
Access Codes allow you to add a course to your personal library. Click one of the "Redeem Access Code" buttons that are in several places on the site. Enter your access code and follow the steps to see what it is redeemable for and to do the redeem.
If you purchase a lesson/course at a premium using the pay-per-class method, they will remain in your library indefinitely.
Once you add a course to your library you can view it as many times as you wish.
Each course forum is moderated by a subject matter expert. In some cases that will be the course host but in other cases it will be an expert in that topic. When you post a question, in most cases you should receive a qualified response within a couple of days although not all questions will be answered.
We are continually looking at new content so support our partners and students.

We want to make sure all American OLC students have good video performance. The videos themselves are hosted on a major international video network with many distributed servers that can handle large numbers of viewers at the same time. On rare occasions there have been temporary regional outages but in most cases video buffering will be related to local PC or network issues. Sometimes it can be your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is having issues. Even though you may be having good results with other major video sites such as YouTube, it may still be a localized issue as the ISP will have different connections to different primary data pipelines.

If the video issues don’t clear up after a day or so, it is best to first double-check all of your local network connections and settings to confirm that everything is working well. If that doesn’t help please contact support and we will help narrow down the issue. Include your system type (PC or Mac), your browser type and version, your type of network connection, and the city/state you are accessing the lessons from. It may be necessary to run a Trace Route and we’ll help you with that process. We’ll use the information to find the source of the issue and how it can best be solved.

Apple mobile devices don't support Flash technology so we created a special mobile site for them. You can access all of your lessons on your Apple mobile device at:
The interactive lesson system should run well on any multimedia capable PC, Mac or Linux system that has a broadband connection. Some of the specific requirements include Flash Player version 8 or above, and a current browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.