Module 9: Job and Career Economics

Lead Instructors:  Bill PappasHon. James Peter Trakas
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Learn about job and career economics.  Learn about employment and how it relates to your financial stability.  Discover what a career is vs. a regular job.  Also learn helpful tips regarding job applications and job interviews.

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Lesson Chapters

  1. Employment
  2. Employment in Relation to Financial Stability
  3. Career
  4. Job Interviews, Job Applications, and Seeking Employment

Lead Instructors

Bill Pappas

Certified public accountant, small business owner, and investor.
William E. Pappas is a Certified Public Accountant and Partner in American Online Learning Center. Licensed as a CPA since 1983, Bill has lived in Northeast Ohio his whole life, and has spent a career providing valuable financial advice to clients based on practical experience he has spent building businesses.


Hon. James Peter Trakas

Hon. James Peter Trakas is the legislative father of Ohio’s Third Frontier high technology jobs initiative, as well as the author of 14 bills and dozens of amendments to become law in Ohio, including eliminating Ohio’s electric chair. He served on the House Finance Committee Higher Education Subcommittee, and also is responsible for creating a work group that saved Ohio taxpayers and college students millions of dollars at Ohio’s public universities through the consolidation of back office functions and technology, The North East Ohio University Collaboration Commission.

In his post-legislative career, Trakas ran two consulting companies and was sub-Cabinet official as Executive Director of The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology. During his 2 /12 year tenure 2011-13, Trakas greatly revised the Ohio Administrative Code and sought changes to Ohio Revised Code, utilized technology to save money for the state agency without negatively impacting its employees, oversaw a change in the inspection and testing parts of The Board, and was responsible for the work team that earned the Governor’s Award for Excellence in 2012, the first time the Agency had ever been so recognized.

Trakas is the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of American Online Learning Center.


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Module 9: Job and Career Economics

Learn about job and career economics.  Learn about employment and how it relates to your financial stability.  Discover what a career is vs. a regular job.  Also learn helpful tips regarding job applications and job interviews.

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